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Why Ontic Golf Putters?

We offer a 60-day money back warranty on putters if returned in like-new condition, so there are no excuses not to try our putters!  Besides our generous warranty and unique custom fitting approach, there are 3 KEY TECHNOLOGICAL REASONS: 1) Our patented unique sole helps in setup!  Traditional convex soles found on most putters provide an inconsistent lie angle. 2) Most, if not all, putters off the rack have a 71-72 degrees upright lie angle. For 95% of the golfers we have fitted, the putter's lie angle range has been from 65 to 69 degrees. Now you know why so many golfers putt with the toe of the putter pointed up. 3) Ontic Putters have a 2.5 degree CNC machined loft.

Ontic Golf Putter Used On PGA Tour - The M-Pulse Merge Putter was used in a PGA Championship Tournament.

Custom Putter Fitting - lie angle and putter shaft

Custom Putter Fitting

Make sure you complete a lie angle and shaft length fitting using an angle gauge (see photo above) or your Smartphone BEFORE you place your order for an Ontic Putter. It's no lie!! The proper lie angle and shaft length are the two most important measurements for improving putting and increasing putts made.  The professional club fitters at ONTIC Golf can build your putter custom fit for your putting style. No club is more important for reducing golf scores!

Testimonial: I have never made so many putts from all distances. I attribute this to using a very flat lie, so the head sits flat on the putting surface. This is automatic with the M-Pulse Putters. - Kevin Arnold, Golf Teaching Pro

Shop Ontic Golf Putters

Ontic Putters come in three standard colors: silver, dark grey, black. (See the putter image in column 1.) We are displaying a red putter above as we are a putter manufacturer and can build custom colored putters. See our color chart. If you desire a custom head color (could delay shipping by several weeks), then choose a custom color on the shopping cart.

Descriptions Of Ontic Putters

M-Pulse Putters
(Mentor, Merge, Mallet)

Signature Mid-Mallet Putter

Classic Blade Putter

Signature Tour Blade Putters
(Signature I and Signature II)


Patented Putter Sole Technology

The putter's sole design is critical for the precise process of custom fitting the best putter. The patented DST SOLE found in Ontic Putters is the perfect sole platform for custom fitting the two putters most critical fitted features of lie angle and length to the individual golfer. Since the process of precise custom fitting is relational, (you must have the right lie to find the best length, and the best length to have the right lie). Only our DST Sole guarantees the precise relationship in the custom fitting process. In fact the patented DST Sole is so precise for custom fitting, we guarantee your putting set-up will be precise putt after putt. And we all know what that means.. better on line putts, better putting strokes, more putts made and lower scores.

Patented Self-Adjustable Lie Mechanism

Our M-PULSE Merge Series Putters feature the patented (ALAT) system so every golfer can lock in their precise lie angle. The ONTIC custom fitting system is fun, easy, and a great learning experience. It is the most important thing you can do for more consistent putting, and ONTIC Putters with DST, "Dynamic Sole Technology", will guarantee a consistent putter set-up and hand position every time.

TESTIMONIAL: I love the Ontic Putter. It is the best putter I have tried! Buying a putter or any club "off the rack" is absurd. A person's equipment should be customized; Ontic will build your "score-reducing putter" and it will work for you!  - Leigh Taylor, PGA Master Professional