Ontic Precision Putter Technologies

Learn about the patented technologies Ontic Golf in its unique range of custom fitted putters. All Ontic Putters are USGA conforming.


Signature II Tour Blade PutterThe Ontic Patented "DST" Dynamic Sole Technology

Precision Putter Fitting: It Is A Matter of Degrees!

Ontic Golf solved the problem for precision fitting with the patented innovation of the "DST" Sole Technology.  You should agree with us that making putts is the best way to lower your score, why would you not want to get PRECISELY FITTED for the club that will make more putts. By the way, getting fitted is fun and educational.

Getting precisely fitted for a putter is the reason we designed and patented the innovative "DST" sole. The "DST" sole platform ensures a precision fit for the TWO CRITICAL features a putter must have for CONSISTENT SET-UP and CONSISTENT PUTTING. See a visual demonstration of this by visiting our Putter Videos Page.

Those TWO CRITICAL features are: The LENGTH of your putter, and the LIE ANGLE of your putter. We fit for both because fitting for both is RELATIONAL. In the process of precise custom fitting, "we must have the correct length to have the correct lie angle; and we must have the correct lie angle to have the correct length."  More abut this in the putter fitting process.

Only our DST sole guarantees this precise relationship in the custom fitting process. In fact, the Patented DST Sole is so precise for custom fitting, we guarantee your putting set-up will be precise and consistent putt after putt. And we all know what that means ... better on line putts, better putting strokes, more putts made and lower scores.

If you agree with us that making putts is the best way to lower your score, why would you not want to get PRECISELY FITTED for the club that will make more putts? You notice we use two words a lot, Precision and Consistent. One of our slogans is this: "TO BE CONSISTENT, YOU MUST START CONSISTENT"


In our quest for custom precision fitting we design and patented a Self-Adjusting Lie Angle Putter. We named them the "M-PULSE SERIES". This putter can be set for your lie angle by you;  See the fitting section of our website.

Ontic Golf Mallet Putter
Patented Self Adjustable Lie Angle Technology

Our M-PULSE Merge Series Putters feature the patented (ALAT) system so every golfer can lock in their precise lie angle. It took 17 months to design the first model.  We carry two models at this time - the "MENTOR PUTTER" and the "MERGE PUTTER"


We have pointed out the custom fitting critical features you must have to become more consistent in making putts. But that is not all of the Innovative Propriety Systems Ontic Golf has incorporated in our research for making more consistent putting.

  • Ferris State University - PGA Golf Management ProgramOntic was the first to make putters with 2.5 degree of face loft. After working with the Engineering Dept at Ferris State University on various putter lofts, Ontic Golf's theory was proven right; 2.5 degrees of loft produced the best roll rates and distance. We used this test data to CNC machine all our putters. (NOTE: Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI is one of the few universities in the USA with PGA Golf Management Accreditation.)
  • Ontic Golf engineered a new propriety system for putter shaft technology and assembly.
  • Ontic Golf designed a fixture for their gripping station to ensure a precise alignment of the grip to face.
  • Ontic Golf designed their X-FIT adjustable lie and sliding shaft length fitting club. Ontic has sold many to other club fitters.
  • Ontic Golf has designed two putting training aids to help the Golfer become more consistent in making more putts. Putters Grail for building a more consistent putting stroke, and our new Face Alignment GO / NO GO Gauge.

Here are a few facts for you to think about.

You cannot fit a conventional putter with a convex sole and have a consistent lie angle. Yes you can bend the club, but most putters on the market today have a rounded (convex) putter sole. Just a very small change in ball position or the set-up position, and you will adjust to the putter and that will change the lie angle. Ever seen anyone with the putter toe pointing up?

Most, if not all, putters off the rack are 71-72 degrees upright lie angle. For 95% of the golfers that lie angle is to up-right. Not to mention the length most likely is also wrong. For 90-95% of the golfers we have fitted we have fitted, the final lie angle range has been from 65 to 69 degrees. Remember what I said: