Custom Golf Fitting For Proper Lie Angle & Putter Shaft Length

Get fitted for the correct custom putter!

The professional club fitters for ONTIC Golf can't emphasize enough the importance of having your putter custom fit for your putting style. No other club is more important for reducing your score than the putter!

The ONTIC custom fitting system is fun, easy, and a great learning experience. It is the most important thing you can do for more consistent putting, and ONTIC putters, with DST, "Dynamic Sole Technology", will guarantee a consistent putter set-up and hand position every time.

The proper lie angle, custom fit for you, is the most important measurement for improving putting and increasing putts made.




If you are buying one of three M-Pulse Putters with self-adjustable lie angle technology between 57 - 79 degrees, then you don't need to give us this reading.

Recommended: Buy or borrow an angle gauge or download a FREE Smartphone app for Protractor for Measuring Angles (by Kenpota for Android Phones).  There are others, but this app is the most straight forward app we have found.

... We recommend taking multiple readings to ensure accuracy ...

Android (requires Android 2.3 and up) -

iPhone iOS Devices (requires iOS 8.0 or later) -

Measuring your lie angle using an angle gauge or protractor app will require a friend to help you. Take your normal putting stance, grip, and ball position. Set the putter behind the ball using your normal set up angle. Do not worry about the putter not being flat; Use your normal putting set-up.

Once you are set up, have your friend place the gauge or smart phone on top of the shaft and read the degree of angle from the pointer. EX: 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, etc. This will be your lie angle.  For 95% of the golfers we have fitted, the putter's lie angle range has been from 65 to 70 degrees.  If you tend to stand very close to the ball, then you're lie angle would be close to 70 degrees;  If you tend to stand far away from the ball and don't bend over too much, your lie angle would be closer to 65 degrees.  So if you don't know and can't measure yourself, 68 degrees is a good choice but it would be best if you call and talk to Bernie.

Using a Smartphone, you can download the free apps for these phones:  When ordering a putter, use the Putter Length / Lie Angle field and type in something like: EX: - 68 degree lie angle".


STEP 2. MEASURING PUTTER LENGTH (on right-handed golfer)

Measuring Putter Length

Take your normal grip and set-up. Mark the grip where the palm pad of the top hand and wrist meet. (Above photo is of a right-handed golfer.) Make sure this is your normal hand position on the grip.

With the grip position marked, use the tape measure to measure from the center bottom of your putter to the mark on the grip. i.e. 34, 34 1/4, 34 1/2, 35, etc. If you fall in between a quarter inch, then move up 1/8".  In the above photo, this person tests out at 34 3/8".  When ordering go up to the nearest 1/4", so you would tell us 34 1/2". Yes you can send us measurements for belly putters or upright putters!  Just give us the exact readings including fractions. The correct putter length will be 3/8" to 1/2" longer than the number you give us.

If your measurement is in centimeters, then use this Centimeter To Inches Conversion Table.



When ordering a custom putter, use the Putter Length / Lie Angle field and type in something like: EX: - 34 3/4" for length, 68 degree lie angle.

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