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Why Ontic Golf Putters?
Ontic Golf Putters are custom fit to your exacting measurements. Our philosophy on custom fitting is more than just bending a shaft or hosel. It's getting the right lie angle and putter shaft length.  Through our system you will come to understand the importance of properly fitting a custom putter to the individual golfer.

A putter is a putter, right? Any putter will do.
On a regulation Par 72 Course, 50% of strokes are allotted to putting. Having a putter that fits you properly can mean the difference between a 2 putt or a 3 putt. Ever hear of the saying, "Drive for show, putt for dough"...? The best way to lower your score is to improve your putting. The best way to improve your putting is with a custom fit putter from Ontic Golf.

What's different about Ontic Putters?

Ontic's Patented Dynamic Sole Technology (DST) creates the perfect platform for custom fitting. Lie angle is the most important measurement you can make to improve putting, putter function, hand position, and swing mechanics. A putter that rests flat to the putting surface is easier to align and easier to swing square through the putting stroke. Shaft length is very important as well as grip size and type. ONTIC offers several grips and will custom fit the shaft length to 0.25 of an inch.

A conventional putter, regardless of make with its convex sole, will never set up flat to the surface or give you the feedback necessary for consistent hand position setup after setup. Only a custom fit ONTIC putter sets up flat and square on-line, every time.

How does Ontic Golf custom fit a putter for me?
Our dilemma was how to custom fit someone from our web page. There is no chart or method to custom fit you by filling in the blanks. There's no magic formula; Can't be done. However, ONTIC Golf developed a method to custom fit you using a free app, or angle gauge, and fitting directions that are informational and easy to use.

By custom fitting your ONTIC putter with its Dynamic Sole Technology you are one step closer to your best score ever.

What's your warranty policy?
We stand behind our quality, designs, workmanship and philosophy. ONTIC has a full 60-day money back guarantee!

What's so different about your custom fitting vs golf retailers?
Ontic Golf solved the problem of precision fitting the putter with our patented DST sole technology. It is the perfect sole platform for precision fitting two critical measurement; Lie Angle and Length of the Putter. Plus, all of our putters have lofts of 2.5 degrees which is lower than most putter manufacturers.

How are you sure your putters' loft of 2.5 degrees is correct?
Ferris State University - PGA Golf Management ProgramOntic Golf was the first to make our putters with 2.5 degree of face loft. After working with the Engineering Dept at Ferris State University on various putter lofts, Ontic Golf's theory was proven right; 2.5 degrees of loft produced the best roll rates and distance. We used this test data to CNC machine all our putters. (NOTE: Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI is one of the few universities in the USA with PGA Golf Management Accreditation.)

Which putters have adjustable lie angles?
Design Your Own Putter - M-Pulse Mentor by Ontic GolfOur M-Plus Series of putters all have a self-adusting design for lie angles. This is very important because if you end up changing your putting stance by moving closer or farther away from the ball, stoop over, or stand taller you can simply adjust the head for your new putting style.