NCC Mid-Mallet Putter

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Ontic Golf Mid-Mallet

Ontic Golf's Mid-Mallet Putter - Details:

  • All of our putters have the Dynamic Sole Technology (DST)
  • CNC-machined from solid high grade carbon steel
  • All of our putters have 2.5 degrees of loft which our tests at Ferris State University proved gives the best roll rates and distance without that initial large hop after hitting the ball.
  • Putters come with an Ontic Pro Steel Shaft; Heads come in one of 3 standard colors - black, tungsten (grey), silver.
  • Comes in 3 gram weights: 345, 360, 370.  We call the various models as NCC-345, NCC-360, & NCC-370.
  • Heel shafted
  • Right or Left Hand
  • 390 grams
  • Lie Angle fitted by club fitter
  • Custom lengths
  • Proprietary shaft assembly system, better feel and roll performance
  • Includes head cover
  • Patented and USGA Conforming
  • Custom colors can be order on shopping cart

Ontic Golf Mid-Mallet