About Our Staff

Bernard Pinder


Ontic Golf Team | CEO, Founder, Inventor

Bernie was born in Ridgely, Maryland and after his family moved to Baltimore he graduated from Kenwood High School in 1958. Immediately upon graduation, Bernie enlisted in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in which he served from 1958-1961. He married Eileen in 1962 and they have two sons, David and Michael.

Bernie worked for Pemco Products, a Divison of Mobay Chemical from 1961-1984. He was promoted to Sales Engineer in 1963 and started golfing in 1964 at the age of 24, "only because I had to for business".

Bernie has Played in a number of local Amateur Tournaments and attempted to qualify for Senior PGA Tour in 1990 as well as two attempts for the Senior U.S. Open.

In 1988 Bernie started designing putters which incorporated his patented Dynamic Sole Technology (DST). It was from these early designs that Ontic Golf Group, LLC was founded in 2003.

Since then, the Company has developed several new designs; among them the M-Pulse Adjustable Putter line, first introduced at the 2007 PGA Show, Orlando, FL.

David Pinder


Ontic Golf Team | Sr. Vice President for Ontic Golf - Manufacturing and Quality Control

In David was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and attended the Forest Hills School System.

David married his wife, Gerri, in 1989. They now have 3 children: Zachary, Caitlyn, and Marissa.

After working for Prince/JCI in Holland, Michigan from 1987-2000.

David began his present position as a Quality Engineer for Shape Corporation in Grand Haven, Michigan.

Kevin Arnold


Ontic Golf Team | Sr. Vice President for Ontic Golf & PGA of America Member

Kevin Arnold graduated from Ferris State University's acclaimed Professional Golf Management Program in 1990. He is married to Amy and they have a son, Jacob.

Kevin has been a consultant to Ontic Golf since 2004.

His golf-related endeavors include:

  • Assistant Golf Professional, Kent Country Club, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Teaching Professional, Hilltop Golf Center
  • Assistant Golf Professional, Wuskowhan Players Club, Holland, Michigan
  • Teaching Professional, Diamond Springs GC, Hamilton, Michigan
Greg Ortman


Ontic Golf Team | Ph.D, PGA of America Member, Golfologist, Sr. Vice President for Ontic Golf / Player Development

Greg Ortman, born 1957, is the Owner / Director of Peak Performance Golf. Greg and his wife Melanie were married in 2010.

His golf-related endeavors include:

  • Graduated from Slippery Rock University and played on the team that finished second in the 1979 NCAA Championship.
  • 1993 Tri-State PGA Teacher of the Year
  • PhD Holistic Sports Performance
  • Author Collegiate Textbook: Golfology
  • 8-time Nominee Golf Magazine Best Teachers
  • 14 professional wins / 6 course records


Website Developer

He has been creating html based websites since 1998.  Bill specializes in Search Engine Optimization, so we can thank him for any high rankings our website gets on the search engines.